iSlide Presentation Expert & Advisor

More than seven years of PPT design/research/teaching experience on average, all requirements come from practical applications!


Dedicated himself to making the best presentation

Simon Wen

Author of “I Really Know PPT”, Co-founder of AbleSlide

10 years of office software company training experience, 8 years workplace PPT designer, National Computer Education Association hired lecturer

Qin Chuan

Chief Executive Officer of Talent Network Course Founder; Microsoft Office Master Certification Instructor

10+ Years of PPT Training Practice, 1 Million Volume of PPT Book Sales, 1.35 Million + WeChat Public Readership

Qiu Ye

Founder of Qiuye PPT, ``Learning Office with Qiuye`` series of books and courses

Senior lecturer in business, LINE@ official certification lecturer, good at briefing skills, community marketing, creative thinking skills, often invited to speak at universities

Andy Liu

``Taiwan`` Tianchang Interactive Creative Co., Ltd. Creative Director, LINE@ Official Cooperator

Always focus on quality PPT design and technology dissemination, PPT design consultants of top 500 companies, training more than 100,000 PPT professional designers

Chen Kui

Rapidesign Founder, Founder and Founder of PPT Institute

More than 100 corporate training experience, more than 3,500 trainees have been awarded the title of Master of Microsoft Office International Certification

Deng Hua

Microsoft MVP, 8-year Office Software Training Experience, Microsoft Office Gold Medal Trainer

A macro school & grand founder of the Groz Institute, a number of college consultant consultants. He has 10 years of training management, 8 years of teaching experience, and 10+ years of PPT research.

Zhang Yihong

Dean of Macrowolds College - Interested in learning, accompanied by colleagues!

10+ years of management consulting practice, 6+ years of training practice, 10+ years of presentation research

Bao Xiang

Vice President of Shanghai Trainers Association, DISC Certified Instructor, Six Sigma Black Belt
Suleman Ali Qureshi

Founder of “Excel to Excel” Series of trainings. Developed credit management experts utilizing my Microsoft PowerPoint and Excel expertise and enabled them to efficiently manage their time and resources. Arranged more than 150 customized training sessions to develop professional skills online and in class rooms.

Suleman Qureshi

11-years of Office applications & Credit management Coaching Experience, Nominee for Microsoft MVP.
Ben Oostdam – yellow background

15+ years Microsoft (Office) training expertise, 10+ years consulting practice.

Ben Oostdam

Microsoft (MCT) instructor and founder of CloudEurope.NL
Juno Bea_480

Microsoft MVP for 15 years (since 2007) , Presentation consultant, Educator, Author and Blogger

Juno Bea

Microsoft MVP for 15 years (since 2007) , Presentation consultant, Educatrot, Author and Blogger

We welcome experts in the field of demo design and talents to participate in the iSlide project to make PPT design simple!