This article will share with you the good cases and tips for making personal year-end review. A great review report will bring a successful conclusion to your work of the preview year. Hope you can make a stand-out annual report presentation. Cases (for your inspiration):   The...

"An annual report is a comprehensive report on a company's activities throughout the preceding year. Annual reports are intended to give shareholdersand other interested people information about the company's activities and financial performance. They may be considered as grey literature. Most jurisdictions require companies to...

Annual report presentation is important to every business man. This article gives every aspect how to create an annual report presentation. And, there are quite a lot of links that tell you about it by online stars, templates are waiting for your download. iSlide wish you can get increased salary or promoted by reading the following tips.

Before creating the annual report presentation

1. Who shall you report to Be clear who are the audiences of your presentation: colleague, manager, supervisor, CEO or boss. Different key points for different groups. 2. How long of presentation 5 min? 10 min? Or half an hour? The duration of time limits or expands your presentation. Do control the presentation, not too long, not too short. Be sure that all the report is under control. 3. The way for your presentation By PowerPoint, Word, notebook on your hand? 4. Other If it is just a report, or interaction with audiences? Or any other matters needing attention before presentation. Get everything clear and prepared before creating presentation will make your annual report more successful. Once the above things are clear and ready, it’s the time to make the annual report. The following part is to tell you the key points in an annual report.  

7 Skills in annual report

1. Build in time for gathering images, data and other materials; and start making the annual report creation one month before the date that you need to deliver the presentation. 2. Get the right point. Do not report everything that you met, just give the key points what your audiences care. 3. No lie nor exaggeration. Your colleagues know what you did, good or not. If you tell lies about your work or performance, that will bring bad effects for your career. 4. Pyramid principle. Tell your audiences according to what they care about, from primary to significant, conclusion, factor, result and process step by step. 5. Data & Conclusion. Data should be the first and explain it. Deliver different information to different groups of audiences through one data. For example, if you are telling your audiences that your company got 5 million of users this year without the compared data of last year, this data will be meaningless. 6. Comparison. Without comparison, you can’t tell it is good or bad. Not only compared with the past, but also compared with your competitors. The comparison makes the annual report clearer. 7. Commonplace expression brings commonplace score. What is commonplace expression: our visitors have decreased to 2 million this year, because we restricted the rules of policy. Better expression should be: we restricted the rules of policy, but we still get 2 million visitors this year. Different expressions bring different feelings. All in one, the annual report should contain the conclusion of past and the plan of future.  

The key points in annual report

1. What you got in this year The first part of annual report is to summarize your work performance of this year. Of course, a lot of companies do monthly, quarterly report. But this annual report will reflect your work through a whole year. We can see the important data of sales, loans, marketing, consumers, visitors, etc. If you use text to express, you must be a green hand of annual report. If you start to use data to express, you are ABC accidence; if you can use some diagram, charts, trends, comparisons for this and last year, this or that product, you are an annual report master then. The content and format are quite important in annual report. But if you can quote company strategy and target, telling your leader that you are working hard on it, that will bring satisfaction to your leaders. Anyway, use more diagrams and charts, this tells the truth. 2. The working process No matter the results or data is good or not, you need to list what you did this year. Leaders may know some of your work, but surely not all. They need to evaluate your work according to the result. If you don’t say clearly about what you did, they may miss your hard work and cut your salary or even the seat in company. Another key is to tell your leader your indispensable ability to this company. That makes leaders know that you are the irreplaceable stuff. BTW, turn back to the team credits, no single man can achieve such a great work. Team works together. 3. Problem feedback All companies have their own problems, so do the teams. Problem feedback is important for company development. Something need to be solved or improved. Standing as the place of leaders, and you will get promoted sooner or later. But do not use this to attack the colleague you hate, just tell the truth. 4. Suggestions Suggestions about how to deal with company problems, increase consumers, low down the cost, etc. maybe not right, but it won’t be wrong. Still remember that when you want to submit suggestion, you must think as what your leaders think. 5. The plan for next year. After the analysis for this year, you shall give the plan for what you want or need to do next year according to the data of this year and company strategy next year. And tell your leaders if you can or can’t meet the requirements, or what company shall support, etc. These 5 points create the whole annual report. Do not be afraid of your disadvantages. All men have their own disadvantages. Company and staffs should work together to defeat the disadvantage, expand the advantage. That will bring success. If you did the preparations, used 7 skills and figure out 5 key points in annual report, your presentation will be amazing, no doubt. We shall define the annual report as the time to get promotion instead of a burden.