iSlide V5 is here! Just check the amazing new features!

  • Integrated Library Interface

In the new version, iSlide has integrated the online resource libraries into one interface.

When not in use, you can fold it to a slim toolbar

  • Brand-new Slideshow Library

iSlide released Slideshow Library which includes well-designed presentation templates. Each template in Slideshow Library contains presentation logic outline and framework, even more valuable, ready-to-use content.

iSlide Slideshow Library covers a variety of scenarios for presentations.

  • Enhanced Smart Diagrams for More Flexible Editing

The improved smart diagrams can be applied to more data scenarios.

The Smart Diagram Editor was designed as an attached button for convenient editing at any time.

iSlide V5 adds “interval value” settings to smart diagrams. That means, instead of only showing a percentage between 1 and 100, the smart diagrams in iSlide V5 allows you to control the decimal value and choose whether to display the value and percentage.

  • Optimized “Uniform Color” Feature

iSlide V5 has optimized “Uniform Color” feature for excellent one-click color change.

The “Uniform Color” feature is in “Standard Specification” menu. It can not only quickly analyze all the colors used in the presentation but also redirect to the object using the specific color. By filtering the color type (fill, line, text and more), you can replace the specific colors with the theme color of the current presentation.

  • Advanced “Design Tools” Sidebar

You can use the alignment and guideline tools to easily create professional layouts.

The “Design Tools” adds text box settings, allowing you to easily adjust text box details via parameters.

  • Color Library with Preview option

The color scheme application effect is more intuitive.

  • “Course” Feature

Presentation video tutorials help you improve presentation skills. (Currently, the courses are in Chinese language.)

iSlide V5 has made many other improvements, please feel free to check.

Update prompt:

This version is a major update. To use iSlide normally, all the old version must be upgraded to iSlide V5.

Update method one:

Automatic update (click “About” in iSlide add-in)

Update method two:

Download iSlide V5 in iSlide website