The Best Add-in for You to Get Custom PowerPoint Themes

Are you a PowerPoint presenter? Are you a heavy PowerPoint user? If you present to the same audiences frequently, they may start to feel as if they’ve seen your presentation before. Thus, you have to download the fee-based PowerPoint themes. The PowerPoint themes downloaded from theme sites might not perfectly fit your presentation. So you still need spend lots of time modifying it. Would you like to try if there is an add-in that provides custom PowerPoint themes? In addition to custom PowerPoint themes, it also allows you to customize your own PowerPoint decks easily and effectively.

Theme Library – 1000 custom PowerPoint themes

There are nearly 1000 custom PowerPoint themes in iSlide Theme Library. All the themes are designed by our professional PowerPoint slides designer. So the slides and color scheme look professional and harmonious. Moreover, these custom PowerPoint themes are tagged with specific keywords, categories and style, allowing you to quickly find what you need. Downloading is super easy: just click and go. Better still, 16:9 and 4:3 aspect ratio is optional to fit nearly all the major screen size needs.

Yes, these PowerPoint themes are fully customizable

However, soon you will find each custom PowerPoint theme includes only 5 slides. Containing only cover, sectional slide and back cover, the custom PowerPoint theme just sets the tone for the whole slides. Don’t worry. The highlights of resources are stored in the Diagram Library and Smart Diagram.

The Diagram Library contains 6,000+ high-quality diagram slides, allowing you to click and insert it to your custom PowerPoint theme. Each diagram features well-matched color scheme, icons and text placeholder. You can easily find the diagram you need by entering keywords or selecting the appropriate category, magnitude and any other parameters. You can insert any diagrams you need to the PowerPoint theme simply by a mouse click. If you like, you can even make a PowerPoint deck with thousands of slides.

The Smart Diagram is surely a surprise. It’s very interesting to play with the smart diagrams. It allows you to easily adjust the value by sliding the slider or entering a specific value. In addition to the value, the colors and icons in the smart diagram are also adjustable. To replace the icons, you just check the old icons and then click the new icon in the iSlide Icon Library to easily replace them. 99% of our users love the Smart Diagram because it facilitates to create a vivid and interactive PowerPoint presentation.

Sure, you can customize your own PowerPoint slides

Don’t want to apply our custom PowerPoint themes in the Library? We’d be also very happy to hear that if you want to make a PowerPoint deck all by yourself, because you will need to use our powerful and easy-to-use design tools then. You can create a stunning cover slide in three minutes or customize a photo in the easiest way by using Matrix Crop and Matrix Layout.