Quick PowerPoint Tutorial to Make an Effective Presentation

So you are the one who is striving to find a quick PowerPoint tutorial to make an effective presentation? Stop your search right here because here we are to bless your day with an easy and quick PowerPoint tutorial. Without sparing a moment let’s get back to our topic. Just follow the PowerPoint tutorial steps below to create an amazing PowerPoint presentation.

PowerPoint tutorial Step

Step One

While watching our easiest PowerPoint tutorial, open the PowerPoint on your PC. At the top of the screen different options like home, file, insert etc. will appear. Select the file and then click on create a new option. We suggest you minimize the PowerPoint tutorial; follow the first step and then see PowerPoint tutorial for the next step. Now you will see different options on the screen select a blank presentation or select any template for designing your presentation.

If you do not like any of them then you may integrate the PowerPoint template software such as iSlide Add-in to use the customized templates. Just integrate with PowerPoint and use its templates from the Theme Library. Select any of template according to your choice.

Step Two

This PowerPoint tutorial will teach you to make a presentation by selecting a blank presentation option. As you will click on blank presentation a slide will appear saying ‘click to add title’. Pause the PowerPoint tutorial and type your title and subtitle. Now click on the tab named as ‘Design’ and select any design of your choice. PowerPoint tutorial for one slide is completed.

Step Three    

In this step of PowerPoint tutorial; go on top of the screen, select a tab named as ‘home’ and click on the new slide. Enter the text in the second slide. Similarly, create as many slides as you want for your presentation. To make your slides more fascinating click on the insert tab and a ribbon will appear. Select any option like pictures, equation etc. you can select pictures from already saved photos or browse for more. If you want to browse then click on pictures group and an option will appear on screen, named as ‘online pictures’. Click on it and take any photo from the internet.

Step Four

To make the heads turn go for animations, at the top of the screen, select on the animation tab. A ribbon will appear with many options like fade, appear, fly in, float in etc. preview them and select the one you love the most. You can select animations from the whole slide and just for a specific picture, equation etc. as well.

Step Five

Now it’s the final step of the PowerPoint tutorial to make a presentation. Once you have done with creating slides, inserting pictures and animations go at the top and select a tab named as a file. A screen will appear with a side panel, in this side panel different options will appear, for instance, save, save as open etc. click on save option and save this presentation either in PC or OneDrive account.

After watching this effective and easiest PowerPoint tutorial for making a presentation, you are set to leave all your colleagues mesmerizing!