Presentation Images to Spice up Your Presentation

The significance of presentation images

Fortunately, we all are well aware of the fact that presentation images enhance the creativity level of our presentation. Presentation images are very significant because they have the magical ability to attract the attention of the huge number of audience within no time. You can glorify an ordinary presentation to an extraordinary by utilizing presentation images in an effective way. Now, the question arises here that what kind of presentation images you should choose and how to select an image for a specific category? You don’t have to struggle more just for selection of a particular presentation image. Just give this article a careful read and find out the solution.

Selection of a presentation image for the business category

First of all, make sure that your presentation image should be of a high quality. Low-quality presentation image destroys the impact of a presentation. You have to select a high-resolution image in a suitable size. Specifically, for business category, prefer to use images with geometrical objects and geometrical prints. Avoid using presentation images with floral prints. Either legally acquire an image or create your own. Remember, don’t use images with watermarks.

Selection of a presentation image for fun and humorous category

If you want to hear giggles and laughers of a huge audience then learn to create a strong effect by GIFs and images. Use images with vibrant colors and animated characters. Avoid using images with boring texts and geometrical figures. Not everyone carries his/her binoculars every time so use appropriately sized presentation images. Very small presentation images will neither extract attention nor laughter from the audience.

Selection of a presentation image for the academic category

Toughest task is to win the hearts of youth with your presentation skills because most of them get bored when it comes to academic presentations. All you have to do is play with presentation images and capture the audience’s attention within no time. Don’t arrange multiple images in a bad order. Rather select few images with high quality and arrange them nicely. Use tables, columns, and graphs in academic presentations. Most importantly, use images with captivating color schemes. Don’t use presentation images with the thick border.

Selection of a presentation image for the entertainment category

We have a vast range of options when it comes to the entertainment category. You can incorporate images with loud colors, high quality and good graphics in your presentation. Your presentation image should not have a headache-inducing background rather it should have some creative and mesmerizing stuff. Be careful while cropping an image. It seems hilarious when people crop head of one person and feet of another just to fit them in their slide! Another merciless act done by us is stretching photos brutally. This really destroys your whole presentation. To get rid of this, resize the photo in its actual ratio.

You can always design presentation images in presentation software such as Microsoft PowerPoint. Always make sure that the image you choose is related to your presentation category.