How to Make Presentation in PPT

Are you striving with strenuous struggle and efforts to create an extraordinary presentation? But, you definitely can’t make presentation with an ordinary tool! You have to avail the latest tools to make presentation incredible and unique.

Make the heads turn with the use of Microsoft PowerPoint to make presentation slide effectively. Microsoft PowerPoint empowers you to steal the spotlight with your incredible descriptive style. PowerPoint eases every difficulty to create, collaborate, and present your ideas in dynamic, visually compelling and creative way.

What Is Microsoft PowerPoint?

Microsoft PowerPoint is the software used to make presentation. It is the most popular presentation software widely used for official and educational slide shows. All text images, audios, and videos used in the presentation are contained in the PPT file.

Easy Steps to Make Presentation in PPT.

All set to brighten up your day! There is no need to waste time and money just to make presentations more worthy. All you have to do is choose an expert, highly skilled and creative software like Microsoft PowerPoint to make presentation.

Follow the below given easy steps to make presentation that can attract a large number of audience in a short span.

Here You Go

  • First of all, open Microsoft PowerPoint on your PC.
  • Now go to file and click new. As you will click on new a box with the label ‘New Presentation’ will appear on the right side of PC’s screen.
  • Click on ‘From Design Template’ You will go through creative design templates that can help to make presentation more unique. Choose wisely, according to your presentation requirements.
  • After selection of design template now add a little color pop to make presentation bright by clicking on ‘Colour Scheme’
  • Want to change the slide layout? Just go top of the screen and click on ‘Format’- ‘Slide layout’.
  • For entering text in your presentation click and type in a box titled ‘ Click to Add Text’.
  • Make presentation more captivating and interesting by adding pictures, visuals etc. Click the ‘Add Content’ a smaller box will appear with six icons. A new window will open that will permits you to choose a picture.
  • Moreover, if you want to resize your photos to make presentation, click on the picture. The picture will possess black lines and bubbles in corners. Drag your mouse over the bubbles and click by holding the mouse pointer down. Attain the size of the picture that you want.
  • So finally, you have reached the finish line successfully!

Keep In Mind

If you are designing a professional presentation than remember that

  • Over styling will kill the professional look of your presentation.
  • Keep the colors as simple as possible to make presentation.
  • Choose layout wisely, to make presentation illustrative.


Steal the spotlight by designing a catchy presentation. Being exceptionally interesting is the ultimate goal nowadays. Want to impress your fellows with your creativity or want to attain your boss’s appreciation, Microsoft PowerPoint is a wise choice to make presentations that appeal.