Download Free Infographic PowerPoint Template – iSlide Template

How to use infographics in PowerPoint? It must be the first question that pops up in your mind because infographics are normally used in Photoshop but not in PowerPoint. Infographics are the great way to capture your audience by the visual representation of data that increases visual interest. PowerPoint, however, is still the most preferred tool used to design a presentation. But, the interesting fact is that combination of these two factors creates a high demand for infographic PowerPoint templates that can be used to design a presentation for the number of purposes as an educational purpose, business, conference and more!

You may think that why to use infographics in PowerPoint presentation? Infographics, perhaps, make your presentation more effective by presenting information in a more efficient way. Just turn your information into infographics, use infographics layouts in PowerPoint, to make it more appealing.

How to use infographics in PowerPoint?

It is the most annoying question for a designer who is not well trained to use PowerPoint. For a beginner, designing own creative infographics in the PowerPoint can be tricky as it needs you to resize slides, make custom slides, format the background, make the creative use of smart art and many other things to consider.

Oh, it is a big headache because you don’t know how to do it. So, what to do to make an effective infographic in PowerPoint? Don’t worry we are here to help you. Keep reading on

iSlide add-in infographic PowerPoint template

iSlide is here to help you make an effective presentation in PowerPoint by using infographics without much effort. It offers iSlide add-in that contains unique slides to use for your presentation. Download iSlide add-in to create an awesome presentation in PowerPoint. Make a marketing proposal or design a business plan, generate its incredible themes and templates to make a presentation that increases visual interest.

You don’t need to format background or resize PowerPoint theme because iSlide add-in offers a range of animations with original and appealing backgrounds. It gives you an opportunity to use customized graphs and charts, to compare values, for your business presentation. Its customized smart diagrams and charts help you to change values and update graph easily.

iSlide add-in infographics PowerPoint template is the collection of customized slides, themes, and icons. Its color library and vector library can be utilized to make your presentation more effective and appealing.

The unique features of iSlide add in

  • Appealing PowerPoint templates
  • Compatible with almost all Microsoft PowerPoint Versions.
  • Instant download with ease of access.
  • Hundreds of custom themes and icons
  • Scalable shapes and smart diagrams
  • Customized vector library and picture library.
  • Animation infographics with distinctive features

iSlide infographic PowerPoint template has the most customized and compatible features. Download it right away without any charges and utilize its infographics for PowerPoint.