Animation for PowerPoint Free Download – iSlide Add-in

Animations are a beautiful illusion of movements that are created by showing a series of slides in rapid succession. Unlike videos, animations are a simulation of movement generated by displaying a series of slides.

Why Animate Text and Objects?

There exists a battle between reading and surprisingly watching information wins! Except for some literature addicts, all the people across the globe prefer to visualize everything. That’s why you can capture the attention of the huge audience by animation for PowerPoint free download. Moreover, animations are easy to view and take less time to explain the objectives.

Animation increases the audience engagement by making PowerPoint Presentation more effective with enhanced and creative backgrounds. Demonstration of data through graphs and charts have always been easier to explain things.

While the PowerPoint has limited built-in animation features, you always have an opportunity of animation for PowerPoint free download to have more diverse features.

iSlide add-in-Animation For PowerPoint Free Download

iSlide add-in is a collection of unique infographics and PowerPoint animation free download tools. It offers you an exciting range of different tools to animate your text or objects in PowerPoint presentation. You can easily animate shapes, pictures, text, graphs and other objects in your PowerPoint presentation with the help of iSlide add in animation for PowerPoint free download tool. Use islide add in animation for PowerPoint free download feature for easy animation by:

  • Selecting the objects or text that you want to animate
  • Click on iSlide add in animation slide and select the animation of your choice
  • Check for its effect options and choose the effect that matches your presentation look.

iSlide add in animation for PowerPoint free download tool has different features for you to animate text or objects in PowerPoint presentation as:

Smooth Transition-You can’t miss the smooth transition tab on the iSlide ribbon of PowerPoint because it has the magic features to improve your presentation. Its smooth transition not only makes your presentation more appealing but also ensures the flow of your presentation by removing various flaws and interruptions in the information.

You may choose all the text, pictures, graphs, charts or any other objects, or their mix for smooth transition all at once. It can be used for two slides and may expand to the numbers of slides.

Tween– This animation for PowerPoint free download feature enables you to easily rotate, reposition and resize various slides of your PowerPoint presentation.

Scale time– scale the time for all of the slides or selected slides in your presentation with this animation for PowerPoint free download tool. It offers you a scale ratio of 0.001 to 4.00 for either all slides, selected slides or the slide array.

Animation for PowerPoint free download comes with other various unique and creative option to make your presentation more appealing and exciting. So don’t wait and utilize iSlide add in animation for PowerPoint free download in your PowerPoint.