Every Presentation Can be Wonderful!

Every day, over 1,000,000 business presentations are taking place worldwide.
Professional design can be more effective in the transmission and expression of information,
Powerpoint can also give you strength to convince, influence and impress your audience!

Geeks Ingenuity

iSlide, formerly known as Nordri Design company, was founded in 2007 @ Shanghai.

Over the years, As the first company specializing in commercial presentation design in China,

 iSlide has created effective communication for nearly 100 international and local customers.

Over the past decade, We have accumulated lots of PowerPoint software design practices,

shared hundreds of courses and seminars and created various cross-industry PowerPoint commercial applications.

We are happy to share these design tips and experience with you and develop an “one-click” design tool based on PowerPoint,

to help those who are plagued by PowerPoint,

to finish a professional PowerPoint presentation in an easy and effective way.

Like-Minded Partners

+ Passionate

+ Passionate

We define passion as a state of imagination and creativity. It makes the design work that is both rational and emotional fun and at the same time makes our products more valuable and service warmer.


We keep on exploring and progressing in the field of business information presentation and design. Rich project experience allows us to assist customers to deliver more accurate information. Being professional is not only our performance, but also our attitude.


We are living in a era full of fickleness and trust crisis. By making full use of our advantages in resource and design, we actively devote to various public service activities. We firmly believe that the PowerPoint can give us strength to convince, influence and impress our audience.